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6 Tips for Driving in the Winter

Now that winter is here, you need to make sure that your car is ready for the road. If you are worried about that car of yours, there are ways to check that your car is ready for all of that winter driving you love. Here are six tips for winter driving.

Check Out These Tips

Your first step of winter driving is to make sure that your car is prepared for winter snow and ice. You need to make sure your tires have enough tread for winter, or you may want to switch to winter tires, especially if you live in rural New York. Also, make sure you have a deicer and/or an ice scraper. New York law says you have to remove ice and snow from the roof and windshield before you drive.

When you have to drive in snow and ice, remember that you need to drive slowly and smoothly, especially on ice. Never make any sudden moves when you are driving, and don’t break suddenly. Instead, you need to pump your breaks. Make sure that you are looking far down the road so you can anticipate any hazards that are ahead and prepare.

Snowplows are a welcome sight, especially after a deep snow, but you need to be careful of them. Don’t pass a snowplow, because snowplows throw up all kinds of stuff onto your windshield, such as rocks and chunks of ice that can shatter your windshield.

Check and make sure what equipment your car has for winter driving. Does your car have all-wheel drive or anti-lock braking systems? You need to know before winter sets in.

While New Yorkers are used to driving in winter, if the storm is particularly bad, you can always choose to stay home, and not get out. Why risk your luxury car to a serious crash. When you are ready to get your next used luxury car, we want you to brave the winter chill and come by and see us at Luxury Automotive Club. We’re located at 61-07 Northern Boulevard in Woodside. You can also give us a call at 718-737-7626.

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