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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

We bring you this Public Service Announcement from the Luxury Automotive Club because we care about your life and the lives of your loved ones. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of vehicle-related accidents in the United States so it is important to create more awareness about it and point you towards the many ways to flip the secret and remain focused while driving.

April is Distracted Driving Month

Before we point you towards that, here are some startling statistics enough to convince you to keep your eyes on the road while you are behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving Statistics

  • 58% of teen crashes are caused by distracted driving.
  • Distracted driving involves texting or chatting while driving, undressing or dressing up while driving, shaving while driving, one-legged driving, browsing while driving, etc.
  • For drivers in their teens, the fatality rate of distracted driving is 3x higher than the fatality rate for drivers aged 20 and above. This means teens experience more fatality associated with distracted driving than young adults and adults.
  • Each second is crucial while driving; 5 seconds is worse when your eyes are off the road because that is the exact time it takes to drive end-to-end on a football pitch at 55 miles per hour.

Types of Driving Distractions

There are four types of driving distractions one can face on the road.

  • Visual Distraction: distractions that take your eyes off the road such as texting or chatting.
  • Manual Distraction: distractions that take your hands off the steering wheel so that you can take a hold or grasp something else, such as drinking while driving, texting while driving and checking Google Maps for direction.
  • Auditory Distraction: distractions that take your listening skill off the road such as intently focusing on a discourse with another individual in the vehicle.
  • Cognitive Distraction: distractions that take your thoughts off the road and place them elsewhere such as an earlier incident or something you want to do much later.

Staying Aware

There are recommended ways to stay aware and focused while driving. Some of them are:

  • Do not take your eyes off the road for an extended duration (in this case, an extended duration means more than a second).
  • If you are hungry, wait until you can make a stop or wait until you get to your destination; snacking, drinking or eating while driving poses manual distractions – and a few times, brief cognitive distractions.
  • Keep discussions to a minimum.
  • Do not text or chat while driving because it poses visual and manual distractions; oftentimes, auditory distractions like voice notes or video calls. For the most part, texting or chatting leads to all four types of driving distractions.
  • Unless it is hands free, do not answer calls until you get to your destination or you can make a stop.

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