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Car Maintenance Isn’t Scary! Check Out These Simple DIY Tasks

Car maintenance could sound scary but in reality, it is not as scary as it sounds in theory. There are simple steps to take or tasks to do in order to maintain your car and have it in the pristine condition it should be in.

#1: Constantly check the fluid levels in your car: transmission fluid, oil, fuel, steering fluid, coolant, etc. Ensure you are either replacing or topping up with factory recommended fluids in order to prevent damage.

#2: Ensure your brake lights, taillights and headlights are functional. Are your brake lights active when you step on the brake? Check! Are your headlights shining in dim or high beam mode? Check! How about the taillights? Check too! Checking Oil in Car

#3: Look under the hood of your car to know if there are hoses or belts to be replaced or re-affixed the right way. While there, also gauge your battery’s strength to know if it is weak or dead; you can easily test this with a multimeter adjusted to 20 DC volts and turn on the headlights (tip: you will get a reading between 12-13 volts if your battery is fully charged; below 12 volts means you need another battery under the hood of your car). Before you leave, check that there is no grease building up on the battery terminals; if there are, clean both terminals with baking soda paste and a toothbrush then wipe with a damp cloth.

#4: Over time, windshield wipers experience wear and tear from usage. It is always great to check this from time to time especially in winter. However, if you forget to check, your windshield will tell you so if the wiper blades leave your windshield blurry after cleaning. In this case, just visit an auto-shop, buy a new set and install them in a few minutes.

#5: Conduct test drives around your neighborhood to know if you hear nothing or hear different types of sounds such as grating or scraping sounds when you hit the brake. If so, get your brake pads or rotors changed by a car maintenance professional.

#6: Check your tires’ PSI especially when the weather is cold because each 10 degree drop in temperature significantly affects the PSI of your tires by about a pound or two – and this pound drop is enough to lead to your tires being flat.

#7: Black smoke from your car’s exhaust pipes, dirty air filter, unresponsiveness by the engine when you step on the accelerator and a reminder from the Check Engine Light indicator are signs that you need to replace the air filter in your car.

At Luxury Automotive Club, car maintenance ranks top in our after-sales service. Therefore, if you are not all about DIY or your work takes a huge chunk of your daily life leaving you no time for car maintenance, call us now at 718-737-7626 or schedule service with our Service team on Monday through Saturday, from 9:30am to 8:00pm and on Sunday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. You can find us at 6107 Northern Blvd in Woodside.

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