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Helpful Tips for Buying a Used Car

Shopping for a used car can feel like navigating a minefield. You know what you want the result to be, but getting there can be fraught with peril and uncertainty. While buying a brand-new car often comes with a warranty attached, window prices and insurance are normally on the high end of the spectrum. An advantage of buying a used car is that the yearly depreciation of value means you’ll be able to find one for an affordable price.

Getting across the minefield unscathed can be an arduous task, but we’ve got some tips to help make the journey easier.

Buying a used Car

Nothing in Life is Free

Before you think of taking that test drive, it’s best to calculate how much of your income you possess to allocate to a new car. This isn’t just sticker price, it’s insurance, licensing fees, paying at the pump, and the periodic maintenance that’s necessary to keep it on the road. It’s important to stay in your price range and not have the experience become a money pit.

Saving Time by Looking Online

Today, online resources can assist you with solving just about anything. Shopping for a used car is no exception. Once you’ve found a car that you might want to purchase, it’s a good idea to research the make and model to see if it’s reliable. As a consumer, you have the right to know the history of the vehicle you’re buying.

If you’re wary about buying a vehicle from a third party, you might want to consider a certified pre-owned model. These have warranties backed by the manufacturer and have already been thoroughly inspected by a mechanic before going on the market.

Inspect it Before You Wreck It

Some problems with a car, such as dents, are easy to spot. Others not so much. You should always keep an eye out for mismatched paint or discolored interior spots. These are indicators that there might have been collision damage or an external leak. Before you make any purchase, it’s good to know you have the right to have the car inspected by a mechanic beforehand. Even a certified pre-owned car might have had something overlooked during its initial inspection.

While a minefield might be difficult to cross, Luxury Automotive Club can help make the journey more akin to a cakewalk. Located in Woodside, NY, we have an extensive inventory of certified luxury pre-owned vehicles and financing is available if you qualify. You can reach us by phone at (718) 737-7626 or by filling out the form below.

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