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Keep Your Car in Top Shape with These Maintenance Tips

Without maintenance, your car loses its ability to drive well and begins a downward spiral toward being not roadworthy. How do you guard against this downward spiral? We, the Luxury Automotive Club, collated some maintenance tips to keep your car in top shape.

Check: Fluids Level

Conducting an all-round fluids level check is crucial. How is the power steering fluid? How is the coolant? How is the transmission fluid? How is the engine oil? How is the brake fluid? Are there any fluid leaks? What type of engine oil is the best for your car? How often should the engine oil be changed? What is your car mileage in terms of knowing which engine oil to use? What is the right fluid level for the coolant, transmission fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid? How do you get rid of used oil in my car? These questions will help you gauge your car’s fluids level and what to do if you are running short or dry of them.

Car Service Technician

Check: Lights

Lenses have to be cleaned, bulbs have to be replaced and oftentimes, fuses have to be replaced too. You should constantly check that your lights are okay and the lenses are not foggy because you need them – headlights, brake lights, trafficators – working excellently. Not only do faulty lights get you tickets from the appropriate road agency, but they also pose the risk of death or serious bodily injury to you and other road users.

Check: Tires

It is a good habit to check your tires before driving out. Checking your tires means ensuring that you have the factory recommended tire pressure pumped into your tires and the PSI too. The wrong tire pressure could lead to a tire puncture at high speed, hence setting you up for an accident. Kindly bear in mind that weather conditions affect tire pressure.

Replace: Air Filters

Choose a frequency for this check because it is important to know if foreign objects and particles are clogging the air filters in your car. If they are, they will affect your engine and render it faulty/almost useless, therefore it is good to check when due and swap the old air filters with new ones.

Wash: Car

As basic as this may come across, some car owners neglect to do this either because the weather is not dusty. However, we recommend washing your car on a frequent basis (and by washing, we mean the chassis, the cabin, the trunk, and cleaning the engine too).

Check: Brakes

Keep your eyes and ears out for your brakes. Make sure that they are excellent and not making cranky sounds (or any type of sound) or even shaking. If they are not great or you think they need servicing, then drive your car to a dealership for fixing or replacement.

Check: Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are important tools for improving visibility when your windscreen is dusty, moist, or wet and also when your windshield has foreign objects on it. A replacement is highly recommended if they are not working as they should.

Check: Routinely at a Professional Dealership

Having a trained car technician routinely check your car is recommended way above DIY checks. These car technicians have been trained to identify faults through/with tools such as On-Board Diagnostics devices, et al. and they can help replace faulty components better and in a more efficient way than you would. Belts and hoses should be checked by a professional car technician too.

We manage car maintenance for many of our clients; let’s get you on the same management plan. Give Luxury Automotive Club a call today at 718-737-7626 or visit us at 6107 Northern Boulevard in Queens.

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