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New Year’s Resolutions Every Car Owner Should Have

New year resolutions are not for your finances or self-development only, or solely about hitting the gym more often or seeking for more knowledge from books and related resources; they transcend these areas into other areas of our lives. They are for your pets and your car too. Cars are our business and we know most car owners do not make new year resolutions for their beauties on wheels, therefore we did you a solid. We compiled a list of must-have new year resolutions for every car owner.

The Car Owner’s New Year Resolutions

Resolutions for Car Owners from Luxury Automotive Club

Check to see if your car is still roadworthy. If your car is not roadworthy anymore, there is nothing to be shy about. Think about trading it in for a new car. Trade it in at our Woodside dealership, get the sales value in cash, add some money and get yourself a roadworthy and new to you car. 2021 is not the year to drive around in a car that is not roadworthy.

Promise yourself that while you are behind the wheel, every other attention-grabbing activity comes secondary. Attention-grabbing activity like switching to another song on your playlist, texting your significant other, navigating your map or snapchatting, et al. are secondary to you being here and alive for yourself and your loved ones. Always remember that after the great pandemic of last year which has spilled into this year, staying alive is more important than anything else; any other thing can wait because it takes about a second to cross from here to the other side.

Regularly clean your car. From basic cleaning and reducing the amount of paper receipts, vouchers and every other paper stuff stashed here and there in your car and between seats upholstery to organizing your vital driving documents and deep cleaning your car, set out a structure on how to do this and stick to your planned routine.

Be patient with other drivers on the road. One thing to keep in mind is that every other driver on the road needs to be somewhere at a particular time, just as much as you: perhaps the gym, the grocery store, the hospital, the clinic, a vacation home, et al. And these places are just as important to them as your destination is. Factor in an attitude of consideration as you drive and make excuses for them most times; no need for cusses and/or road rage or overtaking a driver that has carelessly overtaken you.

Learn DIY car maintenance. It is not everything that happens to your car that needs a drive or a call to the mechanic workshop. You can easily learn certain car DIY tips on YouTube, like changing air filters, swapping fluids in the car, replacing your windshield wipers twice a year and checking the pressure of your tires to know when they are deflated or over-inflated (and how different temperatures affect your tires).

Last but not the least, seek professional help. Mechanics are experts in advanced car maintenance and care, and they can easily spot certain things which are not obvious to you while you drive around. Having a mechanic service your car once a month is recommended if you can afford it but if you cannot afford it, you should look at extending the service duration.

In line with new year resolutions, we have a gift for you as a “New Year, New Car” deal: $999 off all vehicles. Visit Luxury Automotive Club at 6107 Northern Boulevard in Woodside. Or call us on the phone at 718-737-7626 to partake in this new year car deal.

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