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Why You Should Drive Your Car Every Two Weeks

Whether your car is seldom used or your car is on the road practically every day, your car can benefit a surprising amount by committing to driving every two weeks at the very least. Much like ourselves, cars aren’t meant to be sedentary, even given this year’s turbulent times regarding the pandemic. As lockdowns are beginning to lift and the country is beginning to right itself, here are three examples as to why driving your car every two weeks is not only preferred, but optimal for your car.

Driving a Car

It Extends Your Car Battery’s Life

A common concern amongst drivers everywhere is that when you leave your car alone for too long, its battery is susceptible to damage. This happens because the battery is still discharging power despite your vehicle not being in use. Neglecting a proper charge heightens the risk of your battery dying, and it’s a hefty cost to get it replaced. In order to prevent this, we suggest taking your car out for a quick drive every now and again for a few miles just to look after your battery.

It Helps Prevents Tire Damage

Another common problem amongst drivers are flat spots in your tires, which could happen due to a number of factors. According to Firestone Complete Auto Care, flat spotting occurs when “a flat and rigid patch develops where the rubber of your tire meets the ground below it.”

Symptoms include visible flat spots, vibrations, thumping and even difficult steering. One of the most common culprits of flat spots appearing in tires is parking for too long. However, cold weather could also lead to flat-spotting, as well as aggressive braking. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your tires’ longevity is to move your car every so often to prevent wear and tear.

It Helps Keep Your Fuel System Clean

When your car sits parked for a while, fluids such as old gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids and more are susceptible to negatively affecting your car’s engine, transmission, etc. In the case of old gasoline, if you have gas in your car any longer than a month, it could potentially oxidize and leave carbon deposits in your fuel system, which could, in turn, affect your engine’s fuel efficiency, performance and health. Driving can help mitigate these carbon deposits since it circulates gas in your vehicle’s fuel system. Adding fuel cleaner to your gas tank before driving is also a viable option.

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